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Podemcrane always looks to offer a full range of quality and reliable products at a competitive cost.
Our chain hoist line can be distinguished by its compact design, its superior quality, and high standard of safety. Podemcrane has
through experience and research evolved its range of electric chain hoists to match the needs of today’s customer's requirements.

CLF series / up to 2 t
New chain hoist series – CLF provides reliable lifting solutions from 125 to 2 000kg for jib or overhead cranes. CLF series replaces our well-known CLN.

CLF key advantages:
High-quality European components
Simple design
Short delivery program
Competitive prices for best-seller products

Reducer (Gearbox)
Totally enclosed and lubricated with permanent high-performance oil. Gears are made from high-strength steel. They are reliable and have virtually no maintenance needs during operation. Focus on market needs we reduced noise and vibration levels to satisfy our client expectations.

Lifting and traveling motor
The three-phase asynchronous electric motor with a cylindrical rotor and disc brake is available in both single and dual-speed types. Standard, they are minimum IP55 protection, class F insulation, and duty S3.

Chain guide & Chain sprocket
Precision calibrated chain guide, as an option we offer upper and lower limit switch mount on this part. The chain sprocket for CLF and CLW is machined from one single metal slug, to ensure a long life and maintain free usage.

Overload protection
CLF clipping clutch working in oil bath with minimum resistance force. It is easy to adjust and prevents effective hoist overloading by the operator and also well protects the lifting motor. Readjustment needed after 20000 cycles of motor

Electrical control panel
Every hoist is equipped with high-quality components mounted on a steel backing plate. Schneider contactors (low consummation coil) are used as standard. The panels are fully compatible and interchangeable with a range of CLF hoist models. Any special requirement (Radio control, Frequency controlled speed, and other custom-made solutions) can be ordered upon request.

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